Welcome to Business School - an MFA Thesis Project


Welcome to my business school simulation where I explain how the financialization of the upper end of the contemporary art market works so people can understand how it affects their everyday lives - from shrinking tax bases to what they see in museums and popular media. I send twice-a-month substack newsletters, and, over the eight months of the project, there will be opportunities for readers to join in with three smaller simulations, an online art show, and a case study. I am using one network (people participating in the project) to examine and reflect another network (the contemporary art market.)

What is the purpose of all this besides fun? The contemporary art market is a smallish group of people who come together to trade objects and money amongst themselves. By reflecting that activity through simulations, we come together to create a different kind of network and a different kind of art. All of us - the people who subscribe to the newsletter or follow on Instagram - make this art happen. I am looking at this market through a critical lens, but criticism can be a dead end unless there is space left for something better to happen. I hope the art we make together is that better thing.

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Welcome to Business School
   An Introduction.
A Suitcase Full of Cash
    I define some terms.
A Sale of Two Paintings
    The rise of ultracontemporary.
Let's Create an Art Fund
    Simulation #1 and the lowdown on Masterworks and Particle art funds.
Ripped From the Headlines
    Yieldstreet has an art debt fund!
Jeff Koons Makes Art Boring
    Dude sure likes multiples.
Art as Currency
    Damien Hirst makes spots. And NFTS.
Let's Give the People What They Want!
    I take advantage of the AI boom to create the art my readers want to see.
Let the Voting Commence!
    We vote on our favorite AI image and engage in a mid-project review.
Scandal Sheet: Kusama and Warhol
    Who is making money from Kusama? And Warhol price fixing.
Who are Museums Actually For?
    Donors! It's donors!

Detailed information on Simulations coming soon.